Transmission Repair Protects the Life of Your Car in Vallejo

Have your transmission checked if:

  • Your automobile won't move
  • Difficulty shifting gears
  • Transmission appears to be sliding
  • Transmission is extraordinarily loud
  • Leaking transmission fluid (magenta colored and sweet smelling)
  • Grinding noises when shifting gears
  • Issues with the clutch
  • Check Engine light is on

Throughout a transmission flush:

  • We drop the transmission pan and flush old fluid
  • We replace the fluid and transmission filter
  • Inspect for indications of wear, damage, or corrosion

Schedule a (707) 280-7614 consultation for a transmission check and fluid flush today at Element Auto Care to prevent common transmission complications and lengthen the life of your automobile!

Regular maintenance for your vehicle is like a healthy diet and exercise - it keeps you from more serious problems and prolongs life. See us for your automobile maintenance services in Vallejo area. At Element Auto Care we can provide regularly scheduled maintenance for any make and model and specialize in Foreign and Domestic vehicles. Our highly trained ASE certified master technicians will ensure that your vehicle will get the individualized maintenance it needs to live long and healthy.

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