Scheduled Maintenance

You DON'T have to take your car to the dealer for service! No matter what type of car you own, we are certified to perform factory scheduled maintenance on it while keeping your factory warranty intact. Call us! We're sure we can help you save money!

The most common scheduled service recommended by vehicle manufacturers is the 30,000 mile maintenance, also known as the “30K service”, and it is important in keeping our vehicles functioning efficiently.

Just as people need annual doctor’s checkups to identify possible problems, a vehicle requires regular inspections to replace worn fluids and filters and identify damaged or worn parts, examine its engine pieces and to identify possible car engine issues. In a 30K service, several parts are being replaced like the power steering fluids, engine oil and air-conditioning filters. Various pieces are then being inspected such as the battery, coolant, belts, brake pads and the air-conditioning system.

While getting a 30K service, the technician will get a pretty good picture about the overall health of your vehicle and it is a good idea to talk to your mechanic so you know what to expect to keep your car maintained. Reading the owner’s manual will give you an idea of what the car manufacturer recommends for service and help you in identifying whether or not the mechanic’s suggestions are really necessary.

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